Return rate 100% you must know! Daily repair in 4 steps to achieve fairy-quality hair

Taiwan is surrounded by the sea and belongs to the island-type climate, the average year-round moisture is 70-80%, and the editor of natural curly hair often wonders why hair is always easy to be frizzy and deformed on rainy days, and the hair is even flat and inelastic?! On the contrary, in countries with low moisture, hair is soft and easy to comb; After searching for hair-related care information on the Internet, I learned that the water molecules in the air would break the “hydrogen bonds” of the hair structure, causing deformation and frizz in the hair, and the hair deformation of friends with natural curly hair was even more obvious.

Not only does the rainy day make it difficult to tidy the hair, but the seasonal change makes the sensitive scalp easy to itch, which in turn causes snowflakes of dandruff to embarrass the surrounding atmosphere, and I can’t wait to open any door and disappear into the scene><

And beauty lovers also often dye and style their hair, the hair is dry like a straw that loses moisture care, and it is better to cut it off with a knife ~~

How to care and maintain daily hair to make the scalp healthy and the hair soft and not dry? The editor has absorbed the hair care information and professional advice from all parties, and sorted out the following 4 steps of hair care to make the hair smooth and beautiful step by step!

| After shampooing, you need to “blow dry immediately” 🌬

Many professional hairstylists will recommend choosing the right shampoo for their hair type and “blow dry now” steps during daily cleansing and care. On the one hand, in addition to prolonging the soft and smooth time of the hair, at the same time, because the shampooed hair is the most “elastic” state, it is necessary to “immediately blow dry” after absorbing more moisture, so that the hair can be fixed by closing the hairstyle, and the hair will not be deformed and frizzy after waking up the next day.

Daily Early Summer Olive Wash

is a daily cleansing and care for hair, with excellent protective properties, is the best antioxidant, gently washes away dirt from the air, and gives hair vitality and shine, maintains hair softness, and even better, it is suitable for you/you of all hair types!

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Daily Early Summer Olive Silky Wash Series

|Carry these “little things” with you so that you don’t get bored 🌧 when you go out on rainy days

What should I do if it rains when blowing my hair out the door? It’s best to carry a small hair dryer with you or in the office, as well as a hair spray that instantly smoothes out hair, comb and replenish nutrients at any time, and blow dry hair that is messy and frizzy due to rain.

Discipline White Dew. Green Pine Soft Spray
special apple extract has anti-frizz and tangled effects, making it more radiant, smooth and supple, more suitable for naturally curly or frizzy hair, fighting sticky moisture, protecting hair from moisture and heat tools.

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Discipline White Dew. Green apple silk soft spray

|Seasonal change scalp “maintenance” countermeasures 💆 ♀

At company meetings or gatherings of relatives and friends, can’t help but scratch your scalp, let the dandruff that falls anytime and anywhere, and feel like you can’t help yourself?! ~ If you can’t solve the problem immediately, it will not only affect the health of the scalp, hinder the growth of new hair, lead to a rapid decrease in hair volume, but also allow yourself to distance yourself from others A ~~

Shield Four Seasons. Lavender Silk Cleansing Series Antibacterial Lavender
can deeply cleanse the scalp, promote scalp cell regeneration, balance scalp oil secretion, and make the scalp no longer lose annoying chips; Moringa seed extract has anti-pollution properties, purifies and then provides an anti-fouling protective layer, reducing the adhesion of sebum and dirt.

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Shield Four Seasons. Lavender silk cleaning series

|Styling dyes and hurts hair to save ✨

Hair is metabolized into keratin (keratin) by the cell death of scalp hair follicles, with the growth and metabolism of cells and layer by layer to form hair strands, basically hair is not life, hair will be damaged because the keratin brick on the surface of the hair is hair, that is, hair, because of the use of chemical liquid and damaged, will appear dry and dull hair; In addition to regular trimming, undamaged hair also needs to be nourished frequently to avoid damage.

Curly Hair Rich in tomato extract, Curly Hair Silky Tomato Wash

is a moisturizing range that sets hair, maintains curl, eliminates frizz and is especially suitable for after-perm care.

Color Care Stone Fruit Wash
helps maintain colour with its gentle cleansing action, while the conditioner’s acidic pH (4-4.5) seals the stratum corneum and reduces colour damage. Walnut extract is highly protective and antioxidant, which protects and maintains hair color and imparts extreme vitality and shine to the hair.

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Curly Hair Cherry Wash & Treat Series

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Color Care Stone Fruit Silky Wash Series

Even if the hair that has not been dyed and permed needs to be cared for
, in fact, it will damage the hair not only these perm agents, pollutants and particles in the air, acids and harmful substances in rainwater, and blowing after daily shampooing, can make the outer layer of the hair keratin damaged, natural hair needs to take good care of it.

In addition to allowing professional hair salons to do hair care for you, you can also use products that can repair and nourish hair through daily shampooing, and choose the most suitable hair products for each person’s different hair types, so that the hair is healthy and presents a natural feeling of bulk, and has a plump and vital hair to make yourself look young and beautiful, handsome and young at all times~~ 🌼

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