VR Mall

VR Mall offers a completely new shopping experience where consumers can immerse themselves in a virtual shopping center using virtual reality headsets or devices. They can interact with products, examine details, try on virtual clothing, and even check out at a virtual checkout counter. This virtual shopping experience provides consumers with added convenience and entertainment while expanding the sales channels for brands and retailers.

beauty salon

“Beauty VR Floor” is a virtual reality (VR) platform dedicated to providing immersive beauty and skincare experiences. On this platform, users can explore a wide range of beauty products, skincare routines, and virtual beauty services. Beauty VR Floor aims to enhance the beauty and skincare shopping experience by leveraging the power of VR technology.

Gallery VR Floor provides an innovative way for art enthusiasts, collectors, and anyone interested in art to engage with the art world. Whether you’re exploring famous artworks or discovering emerging artists, this VR platform offers a unique and immersive art experience. Dive into the world of art with Gallery VR Floor.

design hall

“This virtual platform allows users to view, interact with, and purchase various design products without the need to visit physical stores. You can easily browse design products, examine their details, and incorporate them into your home or lifestyle using virtual reality headsets or devices.”


“Wedding Hall VR Floor” is a virtual reality (VR) platform specially designed for wedding planning and experiences. On this platform, users can immerse themselves in virtual wedding venues, explore various wedding setups, and envision their dream weddings. It offers a unique and interactive way for couples to plan and visualize their special day.


“Food and Drink VR Floor” is an immersive virtual reality (VR) platform dedicated to offering a unique dining and culinary experience.


“Office VR Floor” is a virtual reality (VR) platform designed to offer a unique office and workspace experience. Users can explore a variety of virtual office environments, experiment with office layouts, and try out different office furniture and equipment virtually. 

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