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Taiwan, a place with good mountains and rivers, of course, there are amazing natural attractions all over the world, but we who live in this treasure land seem luckier and happier. As long as we want to go to the mountains to walk and breathe Fendor, or go to the beach to play in the water and bask in the sun, we can imagine outdoor activities and natural landscapes, it only takes a few hours to drive or take public transportation, we can easily reach the beautiful destination ✌️.

However, after three years of pandemic and life’s restrictions, we can cherish the time we spend with family and friends, experience the vibrant nature in the forest trails, and find happy memories in the city. 👨 👩 👧 👧

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No matter where you are, you want to drink a warm cup of coffee or milk tea 🧋, and a water cup with a warm and ice preservation effect, so that the temperature of the drink changes more slowly and the fresh taste is retained for a longer time; Just like in a fast-paced city, you still maintain the pace of life that suits you best.

utillife with Q cup 350ml

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We are also keen to visit every corner of the city, such as the National Taiwan Museum 🏛 with its gorgeous baroque architecture, the Damaocheng with its bustling history and traditional memories, the ancient houses and garden buildings built by large families in the old days, etc., to decorate the progressive and prosperous city with more diverse and beautiful colors, and take a latte from the Cafe that is almost a few steps away, strolling through the lively streets and lanes.

Coffee Cycle in the house

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Sometimes you just want to go to the trails around the city, stretch your body and breathe fresh air, or go to the park to practice yoga 🧘 ♀ and enjoy the natural scenery, if the size of the kettle can be smaller, lighter weight, to meet the convenience of drinking water, the leisure time of the holiday is to enjoy a relaxed and textured life.

QUEBottle eco-friendly telescopic water bottle 600ml

The happiest thing is that when you start to bring your own kettle, you also silently reduce environmental consumption, reduce the burden on the earth, and share the blessings of the earth together! For the sake of our living environment, in order to be able to coexist with the earth forever, bring your own kettle now!

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