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Diamond coffee filter cup


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In addition to highlighting the slender beauty of the appearance, the hollow design also firmly carries the filter paper, allowing the aroma of coffee to be released smoothly from the lines.

Diamond coffee filter cup

Product features

  • Brilliant diamond-shaped coffee filter cup, presenting a new aesthetic of coffee
  • The hollow structure allows the air to be released freely and extract the original flavor of coffee
  • The inner conical shape allows the coffee to be extracted evenly and the flow rate is stable

Product specifications

  • Capacity: Suitable for conical filter paper (1-2 cups, 1-4 cups)
  • Material: 304 high quality stainless steel (qualified by SGS inspection)
  • Size: 110mm*110mm*65mm
  • Weight: 90 g
  • Design/Assembly: Taiwan
  • Patent: M558029


  • No additional base is required, and it can be placed on top of cups and pots of any size
  • Suitable for conical filter paper, metal filter paper, flannel
  • SGS inspection is qualified, using 304 stainless steel, safe and strong
  • The surface is glazed and easy to maintain and clean
  • Lightweight size, easy to store and carry, suitable for various occasions
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