Chopsticks Happy Food Group Xia Fenghe started


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“Chopsticks Happy Food Group” Xia Fu He started out

Chopsticks Happy Food Group Xia Fenghe started

Product features
  • The hoop plate combines the traditional Taiwanese numismatic hoop design with a modern style, showing a unique sense of style, providing newlyweds with elegant and diverse food plating options.
  • The gift box provides plate sizes that will be lacking at home: fish plates and dim sum plates make the “Emperor of Rice Big” food engraving, simple and warm, bringing more fun and deliciousness to the couple’s family gatherings and romantic dinners!

Product specifications
  • The gift box includes: 6-inch circle dim sum plate / long circle fish plate / 2 pairs of log chopsticks / 1 blessing card
  • Contents : Old tile series_Long hoop fish plate / 6-inch hoop snack plate / Log chopsticks
  • Material : Ceramic / Log
  • Box size : L31.7*W26.1*H3cm
  • Fish plate : 22.5(L) x 16.5(W) x 1.4(H) cm
  • Snack board : 15(L) x 15(W) x 1.4(H) cm
  • Chopsticks : 0.7(L) x 0.7(W) x 25(H) cm
  • Box Weight : 1,058g
  • Origin : China

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