Stainless steel cooking clip


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The product does not contain BPA (BPA free) and plasticizers, and is 100% safe and safe to use.

Stainless steel cooking clip

Product features
  • The stainless steel grip is light and durable, the food-grade silicone chuck does not hurt the pot, and it can be used safely at a temperature resistance of 230 °C
  • Organizes the lock and folds it freely with one hand effortlessly
  • Fan-shaped non-slip chuck design makes it easy to pick up ingredients
  • Hanging design makes the kitchen tidier
  • The tripod design allows the dishes to be erected without touching the tabletop

Product specifications
  • Name : Stainless steel cooking clip
  • Size : 31×11.5×7 cm
  • Materials: Stainless Steel, Silicone, ABS
  • Style : rose red, dark gray, cream white
  • Origin/Manufacturing Method : Designed in Canada Made in China
  • Other notes : The color is slightly deviated, and the actual color shall prevail.

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